Invisibles, True School Nerdom


I finished reading The Invisibles the other day.  I borrowed it from a friend.  A guy who doesn’t read comics.  I guess the reason he has it on his shelf is because it is written by Grant Morrison.  The same reason why I jumped at the chance to read it.  People had mentioned this book to me before.  I know that Grant Morrison is trending right now.  And it seems like he’s been trending for a long time.  I also have heard about a panel or panels that he did with Deepak Chopra at Comic Con.  For people to keep mentioning a panel discussion at Comic Con.  It must be interesting.

I can’t say that this was the first time that I read a Grant Morrison comic.  I have a few in my collection.  But, they are not the famous ones.  The Invisibles  is one of the famous ones.  I’ve also been wanting to read All Star Superman.  I know that it  is supposed to be really good and I’ve heard people talking about it as well.

Right off the bat this book is weird.  Not the art.  The art does seem normal.  For the most part very normal.  The story and idea is weird.  This take on what a comic book is or what a team of superheroes is is quite different.  This isn’t the Avengers or the X-men.  These guys don’t have those kind of powers and this is not a book about a team of guys and girls with powers in that way.  As you might have guessed it has to do with magic.  And if you don’t know a lot about magic like myself.  This book might be hard to get through.  It also references to some other things like historical figures and literature.  Because these things that are referenced might be obscure.  This is another reason why this book may be difficult to get through and also have a sense that you understand it.  Right now, I can say I feel like the selection of references is not random.  I feel like there is a reason why these references are in here.  That they have some meaning or symbolism in this context.  Do I get it?  I don’t think that just because I don’t get it at the moment that that means that this book is any less good.  On the contrary, it makes me think that a lot of thought and work went in to thinking it up and planning it out.

I feel like a lot of the television shows that are on now are predictable and uninteresting.  Likewise comic book titles seem to be about a hero who keeps fighting and winning different foes.  The Invisibles seems to be coming from a completely different place.  This book is not easily digestible.  I don’t think you’ll be able to predict where it’s going or would be trying.  Whether or not you’ll be interested depends on your tastes.  Thinking that Magic is cool.  Might be required.  If you think that Magic is dumb.  You probably won’t be able to get in to it.  If you want there to be a hero or a group of heroes that kick butt and win at the end.  This book might not be for you.  It is definitely a different take on the comic book medium.  A weird take.

The covers to the book and the covers to the individual issues are all good.  Really striking images.  Painted well and of a high caliber.  Brian Bolland painted the cover to the graphic novel and the covers to the individual issues are by Rian Hughes and Sean Phillips.  Stellar all around.

The individual issues had different artists.  You can tell this from issue to issue.  But not in a distracting way.  The art flows from issue to issue.  If I had to single out any one artist for any reason good or bad it would be Chris Weston on “Season of Ghouls”.  That issue stood out to me as one having rad art.  And with difficult subject matter.  I take my hat off to the guy for doing such an awesome job.  I enjoyed the story in this issue as well.  And I think it was Grant Morrison’s gutsiest issue of the book.

Can I say that I liked the book?  Can I recommend this graphic novel?  Definitely!  Give it a chance if you get the chance.  Am I going to do some homework in order to understand this book better.  I’ll try.   I may go back and read it again.  I think the writing deserves it.

School of Nerdom, enjoy…


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