The Hedge Knight 2, The Sworn Sword Comic Adaptation, Nerdom


  I read “The Hedge Knight 2” right after I read “The Hedge Knight”.  I was in to the story and was eager to follow Dunk and Egg on their next adventure.

  The credits seem pretty much the same.  The most notable change in the credits was a different colorist.  But, I didn’t notice a change in the artwork at all.  The artwork in the first graphic novel then over to this one, Part 2 was almost seamless for me.  The colors in the first book were a little richer.  The scenes rendered with more mood.  The colors here are just a little flatter.  Again everything is solid here.  The pencils, the inks, the colors, the letters.  This book as well to me feels very post-Image.  The inks aren’t as crazy as that.  But, yeah that’s the impression that I get.  Again the visual interpretation, the style of the art doesn’t feel old.  It feels like today.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad?  At any rate the art is kind of in the background and if you’re familiar with the story up to this point.  You’re primarily in to the story.   

  I was not as satisfied with the story in this graphic novel as I was with the story in the first graphic novel.  The story here in “Hedge Knight 2” builds up to something that is a small let down.  Dunk has to ultimately do something.  But, it is unclear why he has to do this thing instead of Ser Bennis.  I guess it is implied that his honor or sense of duty prompts him to do this thing.  But, his honor is in service to Ser Eustace and not Ser Bennis.  His sense of duty is his duty to Ser Eustace and not Ser Bennis.  What he does at the end seems to be in service of Ser Bennis and not Ser Eustace.  If the motive of the character doesn’t make sense then the whole story doesn’t make sense and is not satisfying.  Which is unfortunate.  Otherwise I did enjoy the story until I got to how they resolved the conflicts at the end.  I would have liked to see Dunk at least suggest that Ser Bennis do this thing and fail.  Him just offering himself didn’t fly with me.

Spoiler Alert!

  Besides that I only had one issue with the depiction of the Red Widow.  There are panels where Dunk, Egg and the Red Widow are all in the same room.  She is only a little taller than Egg.  Egg is just a kid.  But, She is an adult and Dunk is way taller.  Like way, way taller.  But, the Red Widow looks like a kid.  About the height of a kid.  Built like a kid.  But, there is physical attraction there between Dunk and the Red Widow.  Which doesn’t feel right.  It was either not right.  Or I was just confused.  Or there was something that I did not get.  It could just be me.  She is supposed to be an adult but looks like a kid.  Not really drawn like a kid.  More about the proportions in relation to Egg and Dunk.  When they are not in the same panel together she looks like an adult.  But, because you’ve seen them together there is an issue there.

I later found out that this story is continued in another novella called “The Mystery Knight”, but it has not been adapted in to a comic book yet.

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