Prophet 1 Remission, New Style Nerdom


What I have to say about this book is, “READ IT!”.  It’s fun.  It’s got action, but it also has mood and ambiance.  It isn’t feeding you just action cool bits. It takes it’s time to introduce you to the character and his situation, his journey.  We actually take the time to see him eat.  Something I always appreciate.  Yeah, we get the cool bits.  The tech, the specs.  But, it’s grimy there.  You feel the grime.  You got mud under your fingernails.  Maybe some dust and dirt in your face.  The taste of a little bit of blood in your mouth.  You’re out there on the trail with Prophet.  Hunting and scuffling.  You’re seeing some pretty crazy stuff.  Some mind blowing creatures and alien habitats.  You’re interactions are passed the real.  You’re in way out land.  And you’re having fun.  Fun on the journey and fun reading it.  I know I did.  I read it in one sitting and it’s been on my mind ever since.

Well the the graphic novel consists of 6 issues.  One 3 issue story and 3 single issue stories.  The first 3 issue story is the one that is drawn out.  The one where they really took their time.  The one with the story that is easiest to follow I think.  And the one with the art that really grabbed my attention and made me say, “That’s wrong.  But, damn it that looks good!”.  I loved the first story with art by Simon Roy.  Is the art like some art that was already done by some one else?  You want to say that.  You want to say that he’s just drawing like that other dude.  What’s his name?  But, it isn’t.  It’s grimy and raw and totally his own.  That guy did an excellent job.  I’m looking at his inks and I say, “Why did he ink it like that?  No!”.  I keep looking at it and I love it.  I look at the colors and I say, “That’s wrong, No!”.  I keep looking at it and I say, “Yes! I love this…”.  This section has some bizarre designs and sequences.  But, still not so far out that it’ll lose you.  You’ll be right there with Prophet I think.  It seems like Brandon Graham and Simon Roy have a lot to do with that.  Together they crafted a fine piece of work that’ll pull you in and take you for a ride.

But, Brandon Graham’s not done.  There are 3 other issues in the graphic novel and here it starts to feel like an anthology book with a theme.  The second story by Farel Dalrymple is the one that best compliments the look and story type of the first one.   Farel’s section is hard.  It is Sci-Fi.  But, there’s something about it that is childlike.  I feel like he hasn’t lost touch with his inner child and he’s still at wonder.  You see that wonder, that childlike fun and giggle in his work even when he’s being serious.  I hope he never grows up and keeps his art the way it is.  I’ve been a fan for years.

I’m glad to see that Youngblood doing it’s thing finally out in the big leagues.  Real book, real full color printing, really good story, really worth  the wait.  I’m anxious to see where Brandon takes the story from here and what he comes up with next.

New Cats Nerdom…


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