A blog about comics, t.v. shows, movies, books, books on tapes, videos (like youtube and vimeo videos.  But, only if they’re nerdy.  This is nerdom.  We discuss nerdiness.  We are nerds.  We live in Geekdom.  We’re all about geekiness.  If you’re here.  You might be a geek.  We are.  Geek out. Nerds up, turds out.  Sci-Fi, we know that.  Fantasy, we’re about that.  Superheroes, don’t question that.  We’ve been to those conventions.  We got dressed up.  We waited in those lines.  We have those collections.  We talk graphic novel talk.  We’re at those comic shops.  We dream Science Fiction dreams.  Our fantasy is Fantasy.  We’re not afraid of Horror.  We’re in to that kind of stuff.  You think you know crime, pulp, anime, exploitation and spaghetti westerns.  We know that.  We really know that.  We’re not cool.  Are you trying to be cool?  We think cool is dumb.  We’re nerds.


4 thoughts on “Nerdom

  1. Thank you for visiting my page. I do plan to watch the films in my collection that I have not seen, I appreciate your recommendations. Also I am sorry you felt my list of overrated movies was unfair, but I can assure you it was not a lack of understanding of the films, it was just a lack of interest in them.

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