MiracleMan MarvelMan The Original Writer Alan Moore, Nedom confusion


This is what’s going on.  This is what it’s all about.  This is what’s trending.  This is what nerds are talking about in the comic book stores and on nerdy podcasts.  This is what’s old that you weren’t cool enough to know about or not a big enough nerd to know about.  Either way you look at it.  Same difference.

I know I hadn’t heard about it.  I know people who hadn’t heard about it despite the hype and confusion.  But, I finally navigated the cloud of mystery and picked it up.  Now, I picked it up because of the name Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman and the weight that those names carry with me.  A lot of weight.  I wasn’t altogether sure that this was the book that I had heard about.  The name is easy to forget especially if you hear about it and know that the character used to be called Marvelman.  That’s super easy to forget and become a confusing mess in your mind.  If you can’t really remember the name of the book like I couldn’t.  If you ever pick this graphic novel up and look for the names Alan Moore or Neil Gaiman.  You won’t find those names in the credits.  Well, I did remember that Neil Gaiman took over the book after Alan Moore.  So, I wasn’t looking for that name.  But, I was not sure if this was the book that I had heard about.  I’m sure that I’m not the only one that this happened to.  And I don’t want to shatter Alan Moore’s mystique.  But, if anyone out there is reading this.  This is that book.  The name Alan Moore does not appear in the credits.  The credits say that it is written by “The Original Writer”.  Which is one of his pen names.  I can see why he would write stuff under different names.  Although I see his fingerprint all over the story.  Using pseudonyms , nome de plumes and pen names, that is cool.  But, considering that this is an older book that they have dug up out of obscurity , untangled from litigation hell and have republished.  Let’s be clear.  This is the book.

Does it belong in the Annals of Nerdom?  As in should you know about it and try and read it.  Well, I’ve only read this one graphic novel so far.  It has about 112 pages of storytelling.  I’m with it so far.  There is a lot to this universe that is being introduced.  It’s a lot to take in at one time.  But, I’m following the story of Miracleman.  How do I feel about the story.  The same as I feel about the story and concept of Dr. Manhattan.  This is refreshing.  After growing up with a lot of dumb origin stories.  A lot of dumb comics.  We have here.  Some of those dumb ideas with more adult, scientific explanations.  A grown up version of kids stuff.  So far not as monumental as Watchmen.  But I see them as related so far.

The story feels modern and the pencils and inks seem like a traditional comic book to me.  Really solid and I never felt a switch from one artist the next.  I wish I could find out a little more about when the colors were done by Steve Oliff.  It feels like he did them at the time of the original publishing, because of the style.  More like his coloring for Akira. Not like the stuff he was doing during the Image Revolution.

Miracleman, get it straight nerd…


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